About Restroverse

Introducing Restroverse

Restroverse is a premier hospitality business showroom designed to help you discover your ideal hospitality experience. A quick snack or lavish meals, a short stay or an extended getaway, from the intimate settings of small cafes to the grandeur of luxurious resorts and serene spas, Restroversepresents hundreds of experiences meticulously curated from the finest business selections.

Types of Experiences

The showroom provides an immersive journey through the hospitality universe, featuring a vast array of experiences.

  1. Dining - restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts
  2. Accommodation - hotels, resorts, hostels and homestays
  3. Relaxation and Wellness - spas, yoga and meditation centers
  4. Events and Gatherings - wedding venues and party halls

Finding Experiences

  1. Explore and Discover: Explore our showroom featuring a diverse selection of thousands of diverse hospitality experiences, carefully curated with the best businesses offering the experiences.

    Explore pizza paradises and sekuwa corners, chinese delicacies and Nepali cuisines, vegan delicacies and meat-lover destinations, bed-n-breakfast and campfire and barbecues, live music junctions and dance clubs, and much more. Browse related experiences or similar businesses to uncover new ways to enjoy your time.

  2. Filter Your Search: Utilize advanced filters to narrow down your options from hundreds of experiences and thousands of businesses to find exactly what you’re looking for.

    Filter by location, rating, business types, features, services offered, cuisines and food served, available payment options and more to find the right business for you.

Experience Reviews

To let you discover the most genuine experiences in the industry, Restroverse features experience reviews from the community that customers from our community have shared in Restroverse. Feel free to read reviews, ask questions and get insight into what to expect before you visit the business of your choice.

Comprehensive Ratings

To ensure authenticity and quality, Restroverse features comprehensive ratings where customers can rate their experiences based on food, service, hygiene, courtesy, comfort, ambience and value for money.

Restroverse For Businesses

If you manage a hospitality business, Restroverse is your perfect digital showcase.

For businesses, Restroverse offers a modern, digital space to vividly display their offerings including services, features, location and contact information, opening hours, tables and rooms capacity, pricing and amenities, photo galleries, extensive food menu with cuisines served, specials, specific dietary preference such as vegetarian and vegan options and much more. Customers can also view and download visiting cards and brochures from business profiles.

Increase your online visibility, attract more customers, and build a reputable online presence withRestroverse. Customers can discover your services, leave reviews, and rate your business, helping you grow Homestays, Retreats, Dance Clubs, Banquets, Spas, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Cafes, and Hostels.

Business Registration

In its initial phase (2024), Restroverse is welcoming registrations exclusively from businesses in Nepal, with plans to expand globally soon. Eligible businesses in Nepal include restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts, banquets, spas, hostels, retreats, homestays and dance clubs.

Business owners can register their business for free on Restroverse or claim an existing listing. To register or claim a business, owners need to provide a copy of their business registration document and the owner’s national ID (Citizenship, Passport, or Driving License) for KYC purposes, ensuring the authenticity of listings.

Early registrants benefit from enhanced visibility, with their business profiles appearing more frequently in search results on Restroverse and on search engines like Google.

Your Thoughts?

How was your experience with Restroverse? What improvements would you like to see? Have a feedback or suggestions?

As we are in the early phase and continually rolling out new features, your feedback is crucial. Please share your suggestions, comments, thoughts, or ideas. Your input will help us create a better and more delightful experience for all users.